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Welcome to Poorwomansprenup and congratulations on finding someone special enough to consider marrying!

Poorwomansprenup.com is a tool  created to assist women in making informed decisions about legal and financial issues associated with marriage in the United States and Canada.   Because self-help is a necessity for the poor woman, and initiative a popular quality of wealthier women, this site can be a useful tool for both.

Poorwomansprenup is a community of two types of people: those interested in making informed decisions associated with marriage, and those willing to help! That being said, this site is a work in progress and we are a grassroots organization continually looking to improve.  If you should come across any information or have resources that you feel would be beneficial to this community please don't hesitate to share.  At poorwomansprenup.com you have the ability to assist countless women in making very important decisions!

Ideally this site and its Network Resources are utilized before or during the pre-marital counseling phase of your relationship. Poorwomansprenup was designed to educate its subscribers about the legal rights and obligations associated with matrimony, in addition to the legal liabilities associated with the standard agreement (i.e. marriage license).  Financial planning, cultural, and religious issues are also included on the site as an important part of your nuptial decision making process as well.

This site is no substitute for an attorney nor financial advisor, however it may help you to understand some of the more intricate legal, cultural, and religious details related to marriage. It may also help you to understand whether or not it is both appropriate and beneficial for you and your significant other to seek the counsel of a legal and/or financial professional in your pursuit to establish a more perfect union.

Poorwomansprenup is for women who are serious about making the right decisions pertaining to marriage. It is our belief that the topics addressed on this site share valuable insights about life changing decisions that you will have to make.  We applaud your efforts, and will do our best to provide you with tools to help facilitate this process. 

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